Robert H. Hollar, Jr.

Deciding On A Web Hosting Company
November 9, 2015
Robert H. Hollar, Jr.

Deciding which web hosting company to go with is usually an afterthought for most people when they decide to build a website. I’ve seen it time after time, you get hot on an idea and start coding away, but choosing the right web hosting platform is paramount and can save you time and money. You should think of your hosting platform as the foundation for your website and what everything is built upon.

Many factors come into play when choosing a web hosting company and plan:

  • Do they support the language that I want to build my website in?
  • What are the costs associated with running and maintaining my website?
  • What type of backups do they offer and how much extra is that going to be?
  • Will a shared host work for me or should I go with a virtual private server or dedicated hosting?
  • How easy is it to modify my website once it’s published?

Doing research into these questions can help you avoid costly troubleshooting after you’ve already coded your website. Let help you choose the right web hosting company for you, start with comparing host options, then see their reviews. If you've used one of their listed companies, help them out by leaving a review.


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