Robert H. Hollar, Jr.

Fixing It
Exchange 2010, An Unexpected Error Occurred
June 10, 2016
Robert H. Hollar, Jr.

Today I took over a new (to me) Exchange 2010 environment in which I was requested to create a new user and mailbox. In doing so I stumbled into an ongoing issue that the company was experiencing with their Outlook Web Access (OWA) when I went to test the account. When trying to delete my test messages I received the error "An Unexpected Error occurred and your request couldn't be handled". So off to google I went. Exchange 2010, An Unexpected Error Occurred

The first suggestion that I saw was to delete the web.config file from the C:\inetpub\wwroot directory. I created a backup of the file and tried it. No such luck.

The next suggestions that I came across had to do with http redirection. This also didn’t help.

The last thing I came across was to remove any bindings from IIS that contained my host name and it worked! I’m not sure why or how this helped but it did.



Exchange 2010, OWA, Outlook Web Access